Monday, March 15, 2010

Port Aransas ~ Summer 09

Pictures from our trip to Port Aransas with Robby's family.

The girls had a BLAST...still talk about it now! Thank you Murray family for letting us crash your family reunion!

Kennedy, McKinley, and Reagan
getting a good look at the water as we cross on the ferry

McKinley getting Papa love!

Reagan the Mermaid

The girls LOVE animals...
so this dog got some attention as she walked down the beach with her owner.

Daddy and Madison watching the baby clams hide under the sand


Mommy getting some Reagan love!

On the dolphin cruise
Aunt Wendy, Logan, Reagan, and Carrie

Daddy and Taylor

Kennedy with Papa

Reagan and Logan

Carrie and Reagan

McKinley and Kennedy ready for the beach

Daddy playing at the beach with the girls

The "sand man" was teaching the kids how to build sand sculptures

The big kids were using his techniques

The little kids were even trying...

And after much hard work... they all did THIS!

(with LOTS of assistance from the Sand Man)

It was a great weekend at the beach....hopefully we can do that again very soon!