Sunday, March 29, 2009

Last Call!

Last call for the March of Dimes
2009 March for Babies
Wells Quints Team T-shirts!
Orders due by midnight on Tuesday, March 31st,
so that I can place the order first thing Wednesday morning.
T-shirts will be $10 a piece.
Sizes available are Youth XS to XL and Adult S to XXXL.
See pictures below...
Remember, you don't have to be a "walker" to buy a shirt!
Email me ASAP!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Friday Fun with Family

We officially finished off our Spring Break week on Friday by spending some time with Robby's family. Aunt Bobbi (Nana's sister) was in town so we enjoyed her company at our home, along with Nana and Papa. The girls love spending time with family....and it was a great day to do it!
Papa with Taylor, McKinley, and Reagan

Nana with Madison

Nana with all of her girls (except their cousin, Carrie)
We missed you Logan and Carrie!

Girls eating lunch at their new table.
Thank you to the Clayton family for passing this on to us!

Aunt Bobbi helping Reagan read "Hop on Pop".

Then it was outside to play and enjoy the beautiful day.
Reagan showing off her sand/chalk it Rea!

Madison deep in thought playing at the sand table.

McKinley giving Duke some love. That dog LOVES the girls!

And then off to play in Papa's truck. This was a scary glance into the future!?!?

Kennedy driving and accidentally pushed the horn. As you can tell by her facial expression, it scared her a little. But pretty much everything does these days...

Going for a ride in Papa's truck...who's driving?!?
One day it will be Reagan the Chauffeur.

Then we finished the day off with Nana trying to teach Reagan how to do a headstand. :)

Thanks for coming to visit, Aunt Bobbi. We loved spending time with you. And thank you Nana and Papa for a super lunch and entertainment! :)

Friday, March 20, 2009


We did it! We successfully took all five girls on vacation for a couple days during Spring Break and we didn't lose anyone! We made it a point at the beginning of each destination to give Reagan a "meeting point" if we were to get split up....and at the end of the last day, she said, "there's the big horse mom, but I didn't even get lost again today!"
There are a ton of pictures, so I'll be brief with my descriptions and stories....enjoy!
We started off at the San Antonio Zoo on Tuesday. Here's the girls after unloading (it only took us a good 20 minutes to get ready...poor Robby, I guess he'll get used to that after awhile).

Girls looking at the flamingos
Zoo keeper showing them a grizzly bear nail and fur.

Reagan with the BIG bear nail.

Me with my girls

Rest time and water break

Farewell San Antonio Zoo...we had fun!
And no, they wouldn't let us leave our monkeys there so we had to take them with us! :)

Then we were off to Austin!
We made a pit stop in San Marcos at the Outlet Mall. The girls and I had a picnic while Daddy and Reagan walked around to do some window shopping, everyone went to the restroom, and then we headed to the Bugbee house! My sweet, life long friend, Heidii, and her hubby, Chris, allowed us to crash at their house for the night. It was a long overdue visit, and we were so excited to finally see their new home. It is gorgeous, and like always, they are the 'hostesses with the mostesses'! Thank you both for putting up with ALL of us!

Heidii took us to their neighborhood park to let the girls play for awhile before going to dinner.
Madison, Reagan, Taylor, Kennedy, McKinley

Reagan with Heidii (mommy to be!!)

Girls cuddled up in Heidii and Chris' bed after baths that night.

It didn't take them long to fall asleep...snug as a bug in a rug!
McKinley, Madison, Taylor, and Kennedy

Then ready to leave for our next big adventure....Sea World San Antonio!!
Thank you again for having us Heidii and Chris!

Cool girl Taylor, ready for the dolphins!
She really thought she was cool because she had her paci and bear (loves this bear from Julia, sleeps with it EVERY night) and she usually only gets this in bed for nap and bedtime. So she was loving that she got it in the car.... yes, a potty-trained paci sucker! We'll get rid of it before she marries. :)

First stop at Sea World was the dolphin feeding...very cool!
Reagan, Madison, and McKinley

Watching "Viva!" Show...notice McKinley covering her ears, she did that for 45 minutes straight! Mommy, McKinley, Taylor, and Reagan

Daddy with Kennedy and Madison

Kennedy being silly in the shaded play area for toddlers...perfect spot!

Reagan riding a ride

Took a break for a picnic lunch in the grass...sandwiches, chips, and pudding. Which you can find all over McKinley's face....messy girl!!

On the way back in the park from our picnic, Taylor and McKinley decided they didn't want to ride anymore....Robby and I should have sat down. :)

Reagan, our big girl, and Daddy

Girls with Shamu, before the "Believe" Show
Taylor, McKinley, Madison, Reagan, and Kennedy

Cutie patooties....McKinley and Madison

And then back to the car.... ok, this picture has a story I can't resist telling. One day Taylor will forgive me. :) So.... they are all potty trained which is WONDERFUL, but also meant MANY bathroom trips at the zoo and Sea World. Mommy was VERY tired of the bathroom at the end of the two days. We got back to the car (after going potty for the "last time" in the park), and of course, Taylor says, "I need to go poo poo!". Instead of walking all the way back to the bathroom, we pulled out our handy dandy port-a-pot, sat her in the back of the Excursion, and away she went! And of course, I had to take a picture!! Like I said she will forgive me one day!

As you can imagine, we had a BLAST! Mommy and Daddy were exhausted but it was worth every minute. The weather was perfect and we made memories that we will never forget. Which is a good thing, because they may never see that place again... ok, not really, but seriously, we made out like bandits this time....basically, buy three, get four free! (kids under 3 are still free at Sea World and SA Zoo)
Now, it's back to daily routines....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Carter is my hero!

Like I said a couple weeks ago, we will be participating in the March for Babies again this year. We would LOVE for you to join our team by walking with us on April 26 and/or donating to the March of Dimes! You can do so at

Just like last year, I've created a t-shirt for those that want to officially be a part of the WELLS QUINTS TEAM! Do not feel like you have to buy a shirt in order to walk, and on the other hand, if you aren't able to walk, you can still get a shirt! The cost will depend on how many we order, but I'm thinking they will cost about $10 a piece. You can order from Youth XS-XL and Adult S-XXXL. The shirts are brown with lime green font. Email me with your orders by March 28. So here it is....

Front of MOD t-shirt


carter is my hero

walking today for their tomorrow

Back of MOD t-shirt 09

Wells Quintuplets and a Queen
Total birth weight of quints....9.2 lbs.
Time in Mommy's belly...26 weeks
NICU hospital stay....77 days
Time spent with our precious angel Carter...PRICELESS!
Reagan, McKinley, Kennedy, Madison, Taylor, and Carter

Monday, March 2, 2009

Great Weekend!

We love the weekends at our house for many reasons...
1. going to church on Sunday!
2. Daddy is home for a couple days
3. spending time with family and friends
and that's just what we did this past weekend! With a few extras in the middle of all that!
Saturday Robby and I "divided and conquered". I spent my morning at our bi-annual WMOM Buy/Sell (all the multiple moms in my group get together for a big garage sale) and Robby took Reagan to softball try-outs. Both were very successful! Reagan did great at her first official try-outs. She took 3 ground balls, 3 pop-flys (which "no one could catch, mom!"), and hit 3 balls off the tee. She'll meet her coach and team this week and have her first game at the end of the month. She's very excited! I did good at the buy/sell as well. I spent less than I made, always a good thing...and came home with some great stuff! Pictures below to prove it. Thank you to Kenedi and Kaiden for passing on their shoes and clothes and to Tori and Kyla for the boots!

McKinley showing off her boots to Daddy...where's your clothes kid?!? Maybe we should have bought an outfit from Kyla and Tori to go with those boots...yikes!!
"I get your HINEY!"

Reagan loved her STACK of clothes, and couldn't wait to try them all on. Here's one of the super cute tops she got. And isn't that a cute dog...that used to be my baby...until Rea came along!

Girls now have matching tennis shoes, all four different sizes. Thank you Kenedi and Kaiden!

And of course, you have to see the sweet faces that go with those shoes. Notice them holding hands...sisterly love...that minute at least.
Kennedy, McKinley, Taylor and Madison

And after an eventful Saturday morning, we joined forces again to attend Emily's quads 1st birthday party! I met Emily through our WMOM group and as you can imagine, we have enjoyed each other's company through the last year and a half. What an awesome sight...lots of family, friends, and church members helping them celebrate their big day. We felt honored to be able to be a part of their special day!

Our friend, Kelly, was also able to come to the party. She just recently had quintuplets as well. One day we'll all three be able to sit down and talk....maybe when the kids are in school! :)
So pictured below.... 3 MOMs of 16 kids age 5 and below!! WOW!

Me, Emily, and Kelly

And I really wanted to save the best picture for last....but I haven't gotten a chance to snap the shot. I'll give you a little tease until next time and let your imagination work...
my husband lost all his hair yesterday?!?!
More to come....