Monday, August 3, 2009

Swimming Lessons

I have alot of updating from this summer to catch up on so here we go....

We started our summer off with a bang doing swim lessons for all five girls! Reagan's lessons were planned for the first three weeks of summer and the other four girls' were a blessing from up above....thanks to Mrs. Kim! Story to follow...

Reagan took 2 of the 3 weeks of lessons (middle week was VBS) and did fabulous! She didn't take lessons last summer, so it had been 2 years since she had been taught the basics. But she picked them up quickly and enjoyed her time in the pool. Unfortunately I didn't get any pics of the actual lessons (I think I was busy chasing/entertaining/feeding 4 other little girls for that very long 30 minutes).

Last day of lessons

Reagan playing in the water fountains

Mrs. Kim going over everything she learned in lessons and telling her what she still needed to work on. She graduated to the next level!

As we were getting out of the car on the first day of lessons, we noticed a very familiar face!

One of Reagan's very good friends from her Kindergarten class, Julianne, just happened to be taking lessons at the very same time. There are only 30+ classes to choose from, and we couldn't have planned it to work out that way...very cool! So Reagan got to kick off her summer with seeing Julianne every morning for 2 weeks. We even squeezed in a playdate at our house after lessons one day. :)

Julianne and Reagan

(We will miss Julianne this year, as she will be going to a new school...but look forward to seeing her at the softball fields in the fall!)

Then as I was saying before, our blessing from above came on the 3rd week. Monday at swim lessons, Reagan's teacher, Mrs. Kim, offered graciously to give the girls lessons at her house for a fabulous price that we couldn't pass up. So we said YES!!
Reagan's lessons were from 9:45 to 10:15 and then the four little ones were from 12:30 to 1:00!
It was hectic but so worth every penny and drop of sweat! Mrs. Kim was awesome!
She did great with Reagan and even better with the girls. I wasn't expecting much, just to gain a little confidence, learn some pool rules, and have fun....and they got a whole lot more!

Big Sis walking sisters from the car to Mrs. Kim's house for lessons

She has a beautiful pool...if we are ever able to build one ourselves, I would do it just like this!
Girls kicking their legs
Mrs. Kim, McKinley, Taylor, Kennedy, Madison

McKinley practing blowing bubbles
*Please note the dolphin picture at the bottom of the pool. This is where they were "supposed" to sit when it wasn't their turn. I can't tell you how many times Mrs. Kim and I said, "Where's the dolphin?" and "Are you sitting on the dolphin?". It was a constant battle....until

Dad came!
Then for some reason, they could hear again! It's amazing how that works!
Normally, they listen to me, especially when we are out in public, but for some reason, maybe it was the water in their ears, they would not sit and listen when I told them to. I threatened everything under the sun and even did time-out a time or two...but Daddy comes....and wah-la!
Look at Madison and Kennedy sitting in time out for him!! Please!!!

Kennedy having another turn....thinking about what she did wrong....or not!

But overall they did a great job. I guess I can't fault them too much....4 two year olds in a pool and 'you want me to do what mom?!?'. I know! But I just wanted them to get the most out of it and in the end, I think they did.
Mrs. Kim trying to get McKinley to go under and grab a toy off the step.

And then there is Taylor "Mrs. I Can Do It!"
Check her out diving down for a toy. Notice she is even a step lower than McKinley.
By the end of the two weeks, she could get a toy off the bottom of the pool. :)

Taylor floating
She was so comfortable and relaxed in the water. She is definitely going to be the one we have to worry about and watch the most until she can really swim. She has no fear!

Madison blowing bubbles and kicking

Kennedy working on her reach and pull

And the last thing they did at each lesson was jump into the water for Mrs. Kim.
As you can imagine, Taylor was the best at this. McKinley almost got to where she didn't have to be holding Mrs. Kim's hand to jump in (definitely our least brave of the bunch).

And while they girls were in lessons, Reagan was allowed to swim in the hot tub. This made her very happy and much easier on mommy as well. :)