Tuesday, July 14, 2009

S'more Graham!

I couldn't resist using that as the title! :)
As dad likes to say...I like S'mores and I like Graham, so I LOVE S'more Graham!

As I posted previously, Graham was born almost 3 weeks ago, spent 1 week in the NICU, and has now been home for almost 2. Because of our crazy busy schedule and then an unexpected trip to Wisconsin, we hadn't met our new nephew and cousin....until Sunday!
Alli and Brad came to our house for a visit, what a treat! As you can only imagine the girls were very excited, especially Reagan.

Isn't that the cutest thing you ever saw?!!?
Baby Graham Kipton in my arms

About 10 months ago, McKinley and Kennedy sent their pacifiers to heaven on a balloon to Carter. Cold turkey, they were done. Madison had given hers up on her own months before that. Although, when we sent Taylor's up, up and away, she was not happy! She cried, threw herself on the driveway, and fought us at bedtime and naptime for the next 2 days until we gave in and gave it back to her. I know...SUCKERS! She just truly wasn't ready. I think she would have had a nervous breakdown. :) She was only getting it at naptime and bedtime, but those were "important" times for her.

I said all that to say...about 1/2 way through Alli's pregnancy we came up with this great idea of giving Taylor's paci to Alli's baby when it arrived. Taylor was all for it, never questioned it or hesitated when we talked about it. I just knew it would be different once it was really time. Well, Sunday was the day. She found the two that she was currently using, put them in a ziplock bag, and happily gave them to baby Graham.

And I'm proud to say, that it has now been two bedtimes and two naptimes of "No Paci" Success! Way to go Taylor and THANK YOU Graham! She has cried and fussed each time, until today's nap...and not a word, not a fuss, just straight to sleep! I think it's going to work!

After mommy got some Graham loving, he was off to the arms of his big cousin, Rea Rea.
And boy was she in heaven! She held him on the couch for over an hour straight! She just sat there, smiling at him, singing to him, looking at him....hardly moved a muscle. And he was pretty content himself. :) Reagan LOVES Graham THHIISSSS MUCH!!

And the little girls were quite impressed as well. We had a talk before Alli and Brad came to remind them that we can't touch the baby's face or hands...just his feet. Hard concept to understand but they did pretty good.

While they were sharing Graham with Reagan, Aunt Alli and Uncle Brad got some sweet time with the girls as well. Our girls loves their aunts and uncles!

Allison and McKinley

Graham, Reagan, and Allison

Proud Cousin

Graham sleeping away in the arms of Reagan.
It was if he knew who was holding him and how much he was being loved on.

Baby Graham with all the girls
Graham, Reagan, Madison, Taylor, McKinley, and Kennedy

Thank you Alli and Brad for coming to see us. What a treat and a great welcome home from our trip to Wisconsin. We will never forget our first visit with sweet Graham!

P.S. Happy 2nd Anniversary Allison and Brad!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sweet Baby Graham

We are so excited to announce that Graham Kipton is here!

My sister, Allison, and her hubby, Brad, welcomed their first child into the world a week ago today on June 24, 2009. Unfortunately, due to some complications with mommy, he was born a few weeks early. He weighed 5 lbs. 9 oz. but his little lungs just weren't quite ready to breathe on their own, so he had to spend the first 7 days in the NICU. As I have said all along, no one can prepare you for a NICU experience. And even though Brad and Alli walked beside us while we were there and now Brad has spent many work hours in the NICU, there still isn't words to express the emotional roller coaster ride you go through when it's your own child. They handled the situation beautifully!

He was born last Wednesday, but because of our super crazy schedule around here, I wasn't able to get to the hospital to see her until Thursday night. I took my side-kick and 'Aunt Alli lover', Reagan, with me. Even though she knew she wasn't going to be able to see Graham, she was super ecstatic to see Allison. And Brad too, of course! :)

When we first got to the hospital, Alli was MIA. We quickly found out that she was in the NICU visiting Graham, and would return soon. Reagan thought that would be a perfect opportunity for her to rest and keep Alli's bed warm for her.

When Allison returned to the room she was glowing! She was able to hold Graham for the first time that night. That was one happy (but still very tired and sore) momma!
And then Daddy was next...does he look proud or what?!
And check out those poor blood shot eyes. They had been at the hospital in labor since Monday night, and after about 36 hours, decided to do a c-section. No one had gotten much sleep around there. None the less, I know if you ask either of them, it was worth every minute!

Then Alli was pampered by Reagan.
She checked out her swollen feet and even put her sock back on for her.

Then it was time to get "snug as a bug in a rug".
Reagan covering up Alli for the night.

Visiting over dinner (or late night snack...extra calories for Graham).
I think Reagan was really sweet talking her for a bite of her strawberry shortcake.

Reagan giving Alli her "see you later" hugs. That girl LOVES her Aunt Alli.
It was very hard for her to leave her at the hospital...she even cried when we got in the car....mommy did too.

And then I got some Alli love!
BJ, Alli, and Rea

We are so excited and proud to say that as of yesterday, June 30, Graham was released from the NICU to go home! Hip hip hooray! The last 24 hours has gone smoothly. Grandpa and Beatie were there for his arrival last night and Grandma has taken a couple days off to spend with them now. Our girls are waiting patiently to see him, but we want to make sure they are 100% well before meeting their new cousin.
Congrats Alli and Brad! We love you baby Graham!
More pics to come.....
But please be patient, I think our laptop (that was very graciously given to us by one of Robby's co-workers when I was put on bedrest with the quints) kicked the bucket tonight. I'm praying that I can safely retrieve all of my pictures off of there...if not, it's going to be a sad, sad day at the Wells' house. :( Keep you posted!