Friday, May 22, 2009

Surprised Aunt Alli

This is a very belated post, but definitley worth the wait.
Last month, we surprised Aunt Alli at her school the day before her birthday. She lives closer to us than she has in 8 years, but it's still hard to make the time to see each decided this was a perfect opportunity. She was taking the day off for her birthday and a dr. appointment the next day and her students had been asking if she was bringing birthday cake for her birthday. After twisting Grandma's arm (yeah, right?!?), she agreed to go with us to Pearland to deliver cupcakes to Aunt Alli for her pre-birthday party!
Grandma leading the way into Aunt Alli's school

Girls patiently waiting while we checked in.
Madison, McKinley, Taylor, and Kennedy

They called Allison in the teacher's lounge on her lunch break. She almost didn't come out, wondering what could be more important than a pregnant mommy's lunch!??

"Four girls here to see you" and then it clicked!!
Instant tears as she came around the corner and saw the girls...only thing that could have made it better was if Reagan could have been with us. :)
"AUNT ALLI"!!!! "AAAHH!!!"
(look at McKinley ready to run!)

Big Aunt Alli hugs!

To her classroom while the students were at lunch...
always a teaching moment for 2 year olds. Good ole' tanagrams!

And of course, cupcakes for everyone!
Her students are singing "Happy Birthday" to her and the girls are in awe of the students.
Girls are right in front of Alli at the reading table

Done with cupcakes and time for recess!
Everyone must walk with their "bear in the cave" down the hallway, no running, and no talking. Never too early to learn!

The girls were brave for a little while and even went down the slide at the playground while the big kids watched their every move.

Then it was time to leave. Alli had work to do, kids to teach, and we had naps to catch!
Sweet hug from Taylor Bear

We love you Aunt Alli!
And we can't wait to meet our new baby cousin in your it a boy or girl?!?
We could use some more boys around here but have lots of cute girls stuff to pass on!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Perfect Day!

Sorry it's taken me so long to post about this PERFECT DAY! Life doesn't slow down much around here but no time for slackers either! :) Our March for Babies, March of Dimes walk was a HUGE success. Thank you to EVERYONE who was involved in some way or another. This was a bittersweet day for Robby and I and we couldn't have asked for better people to celebrate with! We had a total of 59 1/2 people walking with us (yes, 1/2...there were 3 babies in bellies, so 58 + 3 preggos)...awesome! And the rest that ordered shirts and couldn't be there, wore them on Sunday so Carter could see!

Wells Quints Team 2009

Sorry Brock family, you were cut off on the left side- no Sheri or Ryan :(

and please note the lovely Danny, posing down front :)

Unloaded and ready to walk

Aunt Alli and Aunt Jeni doing some final touch ups and high fives!

Big Sis on the move

Let's get this train moving, there are people waiting for us!

March of Dimes honored the Wells Quints with a Mission Sign that was displayed along the course of our 3 mile walk. Right next to our sweet friends, The Guinn Triplets, and The Woodlands Mothers of Multiples.

Family Pic

Madison, Mommy, Taylor, Kennedy, Reagan, Daddy, and McKinley

Mrs. Texas was also there!

6 beautiful ladies :)

Sweet memory for Reagan, thank you Bonnie!

Then after the Wells Team round-up, some pictures, speech on stage,

some more pictures.... it was finally time to walk!
Ready Set Go!

Cousins, Logan and Carrie, lead the pack


Logan, Lane, Reagan , and Carrie

Tired Mason, hanging out

Mason named after Carter...Mason Carter :)

He's only 3 months younger than girls, always makes me think, what if?!

Two of our sweet volunteers from when the girls were little (and my elementary school teachers), still supporting us!

Bettie and Joanne

Troy and Trey

precious pic of Father & Son

Trey also named after Carter....Trey Carter :)

Part of the group walking for ALL those precious babies!

College Friends, Alyssa and Mark, with their cousin, Ava

(and a 1/2 to add to our count)

Alyssa having a boy in July!!

Dad pushing Beatie, and Kennedy along for ride

It killed Grandma Beatie to be in that wheelchair....we want that foot to start healing fast!

Uncle Michael, Ellie, and Peyton

Cool man Ryan

(good thing I got an individual of you since you didn't make the group!)

How does that hat smell? :)

And how about that game winning hit the other night!?! You are awesome!!

Then after our fun, everyone headed back to our house for some good ole' mudbugs!

We couldn't have asked for better weather. Robby cooked crawfish, kids played outside, and adults talked, played some washers and of course, ate!

Here's Trey giving Taylor a kiss, or at least pretending like he was.

Look at those eyes on Taylor! :)

Lane and Reagan playing

Silly cousin Ellie

She was eating a cookie with blue icing but I think she forgot about the cookie...

or maybe she just ate a smurf!

She cracks me up!! Love that girl!

Kym and Hannah
I still think Hannah looks just like her Grandpa Davis

Peyton and Tristan

Doesn't he look just like his daddy!? Mini Michael!

Allison and her friend Kylie

Kylie & her kiddos came and walked with us, but also in memory of her niece :)

Ok, I saved the best for last again. :) This time it's Taylor...

So Robby cooked up some crawfish for the adults and we had hot dogs for the kids and the weenie adults. :) Well, Taylor decided that a hot dog wasn't enough and she needed some crawfish too. We were trying to keep her away for a little while because they were pretty spicy, but she managed to sneek a few, and then a few more....

Hanging out behind Grandma on the chair...eyeing the mudbugs...

then getting herself in position....

making the final leap over the shoulder...

for the kill!

And so proud of herself!

Teaching them young to love those mudbugs! We will have her peeling them next year!

Taylor LOVES crawfish!

"Sea food!"

Like I said....a PERFECT day!

Perfect weather!

Perfect company!

Perfect celebration!

Thank you again to everyone involved!

Thank you to March of Dimes for allowing us to be this year's Montgomery County Ambassador Family and represent MOD at numerous events!

Thank you to everyone who donated to the MOD for a grand total of $1,550!

Thank you for ordering 100 t-shirts!

Thank you for walking beside us, both in mind and body!

Thank you God for loving us and blessing us with these five girls! And please tell Carter we miss him "this much"!

We are already looking forward to next year! You won't want to miss out!