Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to You X 4!

Happy 3rd Birthday to
McKinley, Kennedy, Madison and Taylor

It's still sinking in my thick head that the girls are really 3 years old. I know this is normal, but it truly feels like it was just yesterday that they came into this world. If it wasn't for all the drugs they gave me that day, I'd probably be able to remember every detail. :) It was a crazy day, unexpected emergency c-section, birth of quintuplets, and the sad news of losing our Carter. June 16 is definitely a day Robby and I will NEVER forget.

After having two big parties for their 1st and 2nd birthdays, we decided to celebrate this year with just family at our house. It was a sweet time for the girls as they actually realized what was going on this year. All day Kennedy said, "It's my birthday!" with the biggest grin. She seemed to enjoy the day the most.

Here's a few pics for now, more to come...

Our family with the Birthday Sign
(gift from Signsational Signs for their first bday but we have used it every year!)

Daddy, McKinlely, Kennedy, Reagan, Taylor, Madison, and Mommy

McKinley Jo
born at 11:08am on 6.16.06
(seconds after her brother Carter)
weighing 1 lb. 9 oz.

Kennedy Lil

born at 11:09am on 6.16.06

weighing 2 lb. 1 oz.

Madison Kay

born at 11:09am on 6.16.06

weighing 1 lb. 14 oz.

Taylor Nan

born at 11:10am on 6.16.06

weighing 1 lb. 9 oz.

It was a great birthday party, weekend, and day for the girls. We sure do miss our Carter, but I know he had a big party in Heaven. And we sent him up some balloons! :) Thank you to everyone for the sweet cards, gifts, calls, and thoughts....I keep saying, one day these girls will REALLY understand how much they are loved. THANK YOU!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Reagan Graduated...

...from Kindergarten this week!
I truly feel like it was just a few weeks ago that we were taking her for the first day of school. How does that happen?!? Ugh! Our little girl is growing up right before our eyes.
It was a fabulous year and as a parent, I couldn't have asked for better. The Lord was definitely leading the way! Her teacher was awesome, she made some great friends, and the staff met my expectations (and they were high). Thank you LSE!

Reagan had a Kindergarten Celebration on Tuesday.
They received their Certificate of Completion and sang a few songs on the stage. I'm including pictures and a short video because you have to see the facial expressions...she's a hoot! Although, she doesn't necessarily love being the center of attention, she enjoys being on stage and performing.

Reagan with her principal, Mrs. Fiaschetti

3 of the 7 kindergarten classes performed together on Tuesday.
Reagan is on the top row, 2nd one from the left.

First song they sang, "Jazzy Three Bears Rap"
This was the Papa Bear part...

Then the Baby Bear part...

And then the last song they sang was "Happy Trails To You".
Of course, I didn't have enough memory on my card to video the entire song, but you get the idea. It was very sweet!

Daddy and Reagan before leaving the house that morning.

Reagan and Mommy
I know, shocker, I'm actually in a picture!?!
I love that kid!

Reagan and Grandma

Nana and Papa with Reagan

Nana and Papa with all five girls
Little sisters LOVED watching big sis on stage. They were so proud!
Reagan waved to Kennedy from the stage at one point, and Kennedy could not stop smiling, she was beaming from ear to ear!

Note: the girls are all wearing Reagan's hand-me-down dresses. :) They are about the age that Reagan was when they were born so we started buying and saving Reagan's clothes, knowing one day they would be worn again... it was hard to imagine at that time though.

McKinley, Taylor, Nana, Reagan, Papa, Kennedy, and Madison

And Reagan with her two sweet friends, Megan and Julianne
These three were close buddies all year long!

So since Reagan officially "graduated" from Kindergarten and today was her last day of school, Daddy told her we could celebrate with a "date night". Although, she doesn't like to call it that anymore (she says, that's what mommy and daddy do, not little girls) so we call it a "Reagan Night" now. :) She chose to go to Incredible Pizza, so we dropped the girls off at Grandma's house and went to celebrate with our big 1st grader!

Reagan playing Air Hockey

Reagan scoring on Daddy

Reagan played her first game of putt-putt golf, and LOVED it!
On the first hole, Daddy stood behind her and helped with her swing....hole in one!

Daddy and his "little" girl

Mommy and Rea Rea

This was one of Reagan's favorite games, skeet ball!

And couldn't pass up the Ms. Pac-Man game...ok, this one was for Daddy. :)

Daddy teaching her how to "aim and fire"!

And the "big winnings"!
Reagan earned a whopping 72 tickets to buy herself a bouncy ball and a plastic ring.
She was happy,
but even more happy that she got to spend some one-on-one time with Daddy and Mommy!
And we were the MOST happy!

Congratulations Reagan!
We love you THIS much!
Summer here we come!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Frio River

Once again, a very long overdue post, I guess this could be the norm. :(
We took our annual family vacation to the Frio River a couple weeks ago and had a blast as usual. Well, I'll be honest, I was cautiously optimistic that this year would be better than last. On top of being sick, the girls were just at a hard stage last year, so it wasn't super enjoyable...but MUCH BETTER this time! This was our 7th year to go with my family, and every year the company changes a little.
This year...
Dad and Beatie
Michael, Leigh, Ellery and Tristan
Allison and Brad
Jeni and Brad
David, Kym, Peyton and Hannah
Sonja, Danny, Lane and Mason
Scott and Crystal
so yes, that's 18 adults and 11 kids...29 people total
missed you mom :)

I used to plan the trips until I was pregnant with the quints, and then my super duper step-sister, Sonja, took over...thank you! She has been doing it since, and I must say, it's nice to be "along for the ride". We have always stayed in a different house each summer, but this year she hit the bullseye! We found us a winner!
Most the houses along the river that are for rent have a name, this one was "Paradise"... perfect name! This was our view from the back porch....

Our own sidewalk down to the river

As soon as we got there, the kids took off to the water, and then headed back to tell how it looked!

View of our "Paradise" from the sidewalk

We left at 4 am that morning, and arrived in Concan before 10am. With 6 cars caravaning and 11 kids, proud to say that we still only had to make one pitstop. Once we arrived at the house, it's time for preparations for the long weekend. It was like ants unloading the trucks, everybody moving!

First things first, unload the groceries and stock the refridgerators and the pantry!
WOW, that's a LOT of food!

Then, it's time to put the "river equipment" on the truck so that the tubes can easily be carried from the house to the river when dropping off the "floaters".
Danny and Robby at work

Next, make the kids happy. We brought our handy dandy sand table.
Mason, Kennedy, and Lane
And then our "Family Newcomer" had the right idea of finding his perfect spot on the river.
Brad H. a.k.a. Jeni's Brad

And last but not least, everyone needs to put on a life preserver...or two...or three!

Ellery, my super sweet niece!

Here's Reagan helping out Lane before heading down to the river to swim

Scott only thought he was along for a quiet, peaceful trip to the river! Sorry Scott, there's 11 more kids than the last time you came. :)

Me with my little girls
Madison, Kennedy, Ellie, Mommy, McKinley, and Taylor

Then after the little girls swam, it was time for a nap. Which meant some one on one time with Reagan while Daddy took a river trip.
The big kids found the perfect place to jump and here was Reagan showing off for me. She had to jump a half dozen times to get each shot (note Hannah's change in position).
Go Reagan!

I think everyone would agree that these four kids had the BEST time out of everyone! I know Reagan will never forget this vacation with her cousins.
Peyton, Lane, Hannah, and Reagan
And can't forget about Mason Roo...look at that innocent face. :)

Michael and Leigh with their kiddos, Ellie and Tristan
Leigh's first time also to be at the river with the family

This was the view "up river" from our spot at the bottom of our house.
There was a nice walkway up on the rock to let the little ones float a few yards.

Or they could hang out in the shallow water by the rock island...
it was perfect for the kids!

Madison, Taylor, and Kennedy


Grandpa floating down the river with McKinley and Taylor

Then back to the house for some more rest time...
Mason and Grandpa Bob

Have I mentioned how much Grandpa loves his grandkids...all 11 of them! Definitely more than he loves the river, and that's ALOT!
The first year we took Reagan to the river, my cousin Kris, found a really cool place near Concan that we didn't know existed...
it's called, Reagan Wells, Texas!
Can you believe that!? Reagan has her own little town!
Yes, it is very little...no stop sign or stop light, but there is an old's boy's ranch that's now a bed & breakfast type resort and a baptist church. We went to visit before she was one and haven't been back since, so we stopped by again this year.

Reagan Wells, Texas

Reagan Wells Ranch

Reagan Wells Baptist Church

Pretty cool, I must say. Even cooler that we didn't know the town existed when we named her. She still doesn't quite get it, but will soon. When we got done taking the first picture with the green state sign, I said, "Isn't that neat Rea?"...she said, "what, it's just a green sign with my name on it." One day she'll understand. :)
The other four had a great time this year and we had fun watching them!
McKinley being goofy, what she does best!

Madison being stubborn and not smiling for the picture

Kennedy being sweet and looking pretty

Taylor being serious, deep in thought
All five of our girls, love it!
Kennedy, McKinley, Madison, Taylor, and Reagan

And last but not least, Tristan!
If that smile doesn't melt your heart?!?

Our family picture before leaving to go back home.

Grandpa trying to keep the kids entertained while we finished packing the car.
It was only fun for a few seconds though. :)

Our traditional "group picture" before leaving...good times!

And next year there will be two more!!!
No, Brad isn't really having a baby!
But Alli and Sonja are! Can't wait to meet them in the next month or so...
Thank you everyone for a great trip!
We had so much fun and can't wait to go back!!